5550 Metal Sign

The T1 Trust has partnered with EM Metal Works in Towanda, Pennsylvania to offer a limited quantity of these stunning 5550 Metal Art Signs. Available in brushed stainless, or painted resplendent red, these signs are sure to make a statement in the dens and shops of T1 Trust supporters everywhere.

The T1 Trust is grateful for the help and support of EM Metal Works. They specialize in welcome signs, wall hangings, clocks, silhouette shadows, and gun targets. A video showing how EM Metal Works cut the signs can be seen below. We encourage our supporters to visit the EM Metal Works website by clicking here.

Shipping is $10.00 Domestic, for others please contact info@t1trust.org.

Choose which Model Sign you would like

5550 Metal Sign RED


5550 Metal Sign Silver


Problems viewing video? Direct Download Link

Video shows the making of the 5550 Metal Signs. Video Property of EM Metal Works.